Sunday, June 21, 2015

Killing Fields, Genocide Museum, and activities with the kids

Liger students setting up for concert with Singapore school
Nari acting as the MC and directing the concert 
Skype concert with Singapore school 
Vornsar, Dalin, Sreyleap, and Chimean
Sython, Samnang, and Kanha
Vuthy, Seyha, Som, and Samnang
Mass grave of 450 victims
Bone fragments on the ground
Pond reserved for quiet meditation
Bracelets of the young girls who were killed
This mango tree was used to play loud music so the other victims wouldn't hear the moans of the ones being executed 
Sanctuary for the dead
Cases of the bones of the dead
There are cases for victims under 20, from 20-40, from 40-60, and over 60. This was for victims between 40 and 60
Victims over 60 years old
Offerings that visitors bring for the victims
Walking to Luna, the restaurant where the kids sang
Liger students performing at Luna